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Poster: Tyler Date: Aug 24, 2003 3:30pm
Forum: etree Subject: speeds

wow, so let me know if this is right: Freecache downloads depend on what local ISP is serving the show? is that right? So (the server i was getting the mermen 2003-01 show from and gettin 30 kbps) but now i just tried getting mermen2001-11-11 and it is BLAZING at 341 kbs! 660 MB file will be done in 30 minutes. amazing! But this show is coming from "". So is this partially from freechache but partially from Internet 2 ? if someone more knowing then i could help explain what is up, that would be kick-ass. i've read the free cache archive page several times, but the 'status' / 'details' page i can never make sense of, the data is too jumbled for me to make sense of.

Thanks for the archive!

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Poster: InfiniteOhms Date: Aug 25, 2003 3:22am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: speeds

heres a quick explanation ... the fast show was allready at the stanford server because someone had resently downlaoded it. the other show had to move first from the archive server > stanford server > you .... so if you try downloading it again (just as a test) it also will have excelent speeds.